The Hellenic Parliament established the Truth Committee on Public Debt in April 2015, mandating the investigation into the creation and growth of public debt, the way and reasons for which debt was contracted, and the impact that the conditionalities attached to the loans have had on the economy and the population.

The Truth Committee has a mandate to raise awareness of issues pertaining to the Greek debt, both domestically and internationally, and to formulate arguments and options concerning the cancellation of the debt.


Preliminary Findings – Executive Summary of the report

In June 2015 Greece stands at a crossroad of choosing between furthering the failed macroeconomic adjustment programmes imposed by the creditors or making a real change to break the chains of debt. Five years since the economic adjustment programmes began,

An initial analysis of the campaign of international support for the Greek Debt Truth Commission

In just over two weeks, the call for support for the work of the Greek Debt Auditing Commission, which was backed by over 300 public figures (including Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach and Susan George among others), has already collected more

Terms of reference for the Hellenic Parliament’s Truth Committee on Public Debt

Since May 2010, Greece has been implementing a macroeconomic adjustment programme as a condition for accessing loans from the International Monetary Fund, European Commission and European Central Bank to help it reduce its budget deficit. The programme consists of policy

Press Conference of the Truth Committee on Public Debt

Participants: Ms. Zoe Konstantopoulou, President of the Greek Parliament and President of the Committee for the Truth on the Public Debt; Mr. Éric Toussaint, Scientific Coordinator of the Committee and head of the group of international experts, historian and political